Pixar does it again for me. A simple story and kick ass animation that had me enraptured the entire film. Who would have thought that an audience can giggle and even cry a little for a story with nearly no dialogue at all? At US$180,000,000, WALL-E is the most expensive Pixar film to date and I have a hunch it’ll just keep getting more and more expensive. It’s a far cry from the US$30,000,000 they spent on the first Toy Story and it shows 🙂

The flawless design and animation brought the robots alive. Made me feel for WALL-E and EVE, believe in their relationship and kept me rooting for them through out the 97minutes of the film. One of my favourite scene is the one when EVE and WALL-E ‘dance’ in space. So romantic … and I never thought I’d say this about two robots spinning around in space 🙂

The relevant story line where a giant corporation manages to leave a dead earth will ring true for generations to come. Not so unimaginable where human beings becoming obese from having robots do everything for them. They were cute, very cute and showed a real possibility if we don’t start heed the WALL-E story.

It’s been a while since I enjoyed myself this much in a cinema, so if you haven’t caught WALL-E don’t wait and go have fun 🙂 My only one very very very small complain is why a cockroach? Any of my friends would know that if I actually have one fear, it’s cockroaches and every time Hal (that’s WALL-E’s pet cockrach’s name … yes, they gave him a name) appears on the big screen, despite it’s quite cute design … I had goose bumps :p

Meanwhile, I can’t wait for the DVD release … I might even catch it on big screen again. So if you haven’t seen it and want some company, you know who to call 🙂