Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Run 2008

Alrighty everyone, it’s confirmed I’ve registered for the 10km run and come December 7th, I’ll be putting this 33 year-old body under a wee bit of stress.  We’ll see if she can rise to the occasion.  Meanwhile, I’m putting together a simple training regime to at least make sure I complete the 10km.  Why have I decided to do something like this?  Well, part inspiration from my running friend, May and if my other friend, Ervin can do … I should be able too, right?  And the other part figures, if I don’t do it now, I probably will never.  Anyway, Resh has signed up too so I won’t feel that bad when I come in last with her just a tad in front of me :p  Wish me luck everyone 🙂

7 thoughts on “Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon Run 2008

  1. Go go go!!!! We’ll be Team ‘At-Most-Walk-Lor’. I’m way off from where I was a month ago cos I’ve been nursing a bad cough for weeks now. I SCARED!!

    Lots of good running reading material on there’s also a smart coach program where you can create workouts that lead you right up to Dec 7.

    Go team!!!

  2. Mr Running Chan, you crack me up 🙂 As pointed out by your wifey … but don’t worry this vegetarian has other guilty pleasures like deep fried wedges and sweet sweet cakes :p So the run will help 😛

    Thanks, Miz Chan, will check it out … in the quietness just before I sleep, I’m actually a little scared :p

    Eh, Pinky, you better keep the nagging and harassing up … that may be what our team needs from you 🙂

  3. Miz Chan – I been to the Runner’s World site, but the training program is in miles even when you indicate you’re training for 10k. How?

    And yes, we can just walk lor, Carly like I said if you can manage to hike 11k, you can totally do this lah! There was a ST article the other week on running etiquette which clearly so many people need, like do not walk 6 abreast while everyone is trying to run. If you decide you want to walk, run to the side 1st, then stop. The reporter commented on the bay run being a bit of nightmare I think.

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