The move is official and I’ve set up my new home in Fusionopolis.  It’s kinda like the wild west at the moment with not much in terms of food and amenitites around but I think we’ll survive :p  We don’t have choice.  At least, I’m surrounded by the Ds 🙂

That’s my desk on the right and my partner-in-crime, Daph’s right next to mine 🙂  Here’s what I mean when I say it’s a lot less space than what we had before. That’s the last one picture of my cubicle at Hill Street.

Other than that, we’re fitting in fine, getting use to the open-ness and being able to hear everyone 🙂  Think it’s a more a problem for others rather than me since I’m the noisy one :p

4 thoughts on “Fusionopolis

  1. I think only traders can / should sit like this since they have virtually no paperwork! If you have to do a lot of filing, this is just too litle space. Freaking stressful esp when in the civil service, pple keep papers they wrote like 3 years ago! No one dares throw anything out!

  2. i think make a lot of noise is good 😛

    the space looks tight, but probably still better than most people in the companies here tho’ 🙂

  3. Hahaha 🙂 Pinky, no space don’t keep lor :p And Jules, I’ll always be grateful that it isn’t an animation factory in Japan 😉

  4. Yah but I always had a fear that the min I threw something out, audit would come around ard and I’d thrown out the wrong stuff. Erks.

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