Happy First Month Keisha!!

It was a little belated when we finally caught up for Keisha’s first month but better late than never, right? And oh wow, gone are the days of boring kueh and red eggs. Nowadays, babies’ first month have gone upmarket with fancy packaging and loot. Check this out:-

I love how her picture is on the packaging!! Chocolate almonds, lollipop, pretzels, butter cookies, gummy bears and even your very own ice tea syrup!!!

Let’s just say I’m a sucker for good packaging. That’s partially why I love Japan. Anyway, I digress. The guest of honour slept most of the time we caught up over tea, which made her a perfect angel 🙂 You can’t ask for more than that.

Isn’t she just so cute? You gotta love those lips. So while she slept, we were kept busy with the toddlers. They are growing up so quick though … it seems like yesterday I was at their first month celebrations …

Yep, Renn has a thing for posing with his eyes closed. I wonder what he’ll say when I show him this picture at his 13th birthday :p Back to Keisha, on your first milestone sweet little dear, here’s the warmest wishes that you receive all your little heart desires 🙂

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