Today’s Moving Day

All good things come to an end and it’s finally time to bid farewell to being in the heart of town and working in an interesting old building and HELLO to a spanky new one in what’s currently nowhere land. So as I seal my last box and take a last look around my little cubicle that has served me so well, I have to say I a tad excited about the move. Yah, I’m always one for change, I like open offices and I get to sit with a very cool bunch of people but I’ll miss this cozy spot for sure.

I’ll especially miss my window that allowed in the morning sun and my toys that let me feel more at home.

With a lots less place at Fusionopolis (yes, that’s what they named the building … drugs, I say) my husband is not going to be please coz most of these toys are coming home with me :p

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