Clone Wars

This CGI movie version was apparently made for TV but producers thought they did such a great job on it that they released it for the big screen. That’s the story I heard and I’m hoping it’s true. If not, it’s a little sad that Lucas Animation would have done this from the start as a big screen project. In other words, if it was seen on TV, it would have been flawless and consequently on the big screen, I had some issues with it.

The character designs were great, same with the background and some animation. Other bits of animation just seem too jarring for the big screen and I wished they put a little more thought into the choreography of the fight scenes. The story also didn’t work too well but on TV, I could see it being entertaining enough with the regular commercial breaks.

Unless you’re a HUGE Star Wars fan, I say give this a miss, it’ll come on TV someday. It’s has on the other hand, definitely got me in the mood for WALL-E. Now who’s up to join me for a really kick ass animated movie?

2 thoughts on “Clone Wars

  1. Wanna watch “Cyborg She”? Heheh. Same director as “My Sassy Girl”, although that movie was good primarily coz of the writing lah…

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