Weekend in Singapore

If only more weekends were like this one 🙂 It was as perfect as it can possible get, I guess … and as it winds down to an end I thought I reminisce a little before the work weeks gets to me.

Our dear friend, Ms Running Chan is back from Jakarta so we caught up at Mich’s for dinner. Thank you Mich for cooking up a storm, the beef stew smelled yummy 😉 and I’m still thinking about the yummier gado gado. She even made dessert, eggless chocolate mousse with strawberries on top!! If I was a guy, I’d marry her there and then 🙂 We were so hungry, no one thought of taking a picture of the scrumptious meal :p

So there we were all 5 of us together again, hanging out, watching the Olympics and catching up with plans. One of us is going to have some excitement in the office as a major head honcho makes way of a new one. Two of us just came back from a Habitat for Humanity vacation and yet another is thinking of moving to Belgium to take her MBA with her hubby (it’s his idea).

There’s something about hanging out with people you can trust and be yourself that makes time fly. After having dinner, we hung out in front of the TV, running our own much funnier commentary on the highboard divers, rhythmic gymnastics, track & field and synchronized swimming that before I knew it, it was like 1:30 in the morning!!! My idea of a perfect night out with good friends. So there’s plan for another night out, this time a party night before Ms Running Chan runs back to Indo, can’t wait 🙂

On Sunday morning as some of my friends, Mr Running Minn included was running their hearts out at the Singapore Bay Run, my husband and I decided to head to MacRitchie and take a nice walk around the park.

It was already 11:30 when we started and did the yellow track, which is about 11km but we took in a detour to check out the treetop walk too. It’s really quite amazing there. Usually there are couple more people on the bridge but today it was just my husband and me. So we took our time, enjoyed the view, pondered about a time when the world didn’t have cars and how fresh the air would have been. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t bring my camera, which was a good thing because towards the end of our walk … just slightly after the treetop walk, it started to rain … we took shelter and when it eased off we tracked 5.1km back to the car and in the last 2km or so the sky decided to open!!! So you could say we were pretty soaked when we got home at about 4:30pm. Took warm showers, had a great late lunch of sandwiches and soup and squeezed in a nap.

Couldn’t get better than that!! If this work week is going to be anything like the weekend, I’ll be a happy chick come Friday … well, one can always hope 🙂

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