Talent Does What They Can And Geniuses Do What They Must

I was talking to my Daddy the other night and we were discussing having passion for what you do, being talented and all that. When my Dad commented, “Talented people are those who do what they do well without any effort.” It reminded me of a quote I like, which is the title of this post and got me thinking about my own talents. So that night I was lying in bed, thinking about what is it that I can do well without much effort. Writing? Directing? Producing?

Then it dawn on me, I sleep really well and quite effortlessly too 🙂

Yes, ask anyone who has ever shared a room with me or a sat next to me on a plane/bus. If it’s anything I do really well without effort it’s SLEEP. On a straight 17hour flight to LA, I can sleep for about 10. Once on a flight to Perth, I fell asleep before the plane took off and woke up only when the wheels of the plane hit the tarmac in Perth, didn’t eat, didn’t watch anything. A friend who was travelling once with me even told me that it’s a talent how I fall asleep on moving vehicles. My sister and my husband will both vouch about how I fall asleep midway while having a conversation with them. In all fairness to me, it’s late, we’re in bed and we’re about to sleep anyway. Heck, I’ve even fallen asleep standing and woke up only because my knees gave way. And the thing about sleep is that I really enjoy it. I truly loooovvvveeee going to sleep and I especially love napping.

One of my favourite memories about growing up is afternoon naps when I come back from school. I loved coming home from school, taking off my pinafore, lying down on the couch or my bed with the balmy afternoon breeze blowing and falling asleep. In fact, once I close my eyes and I’m in a remotely relaxed position, I’ll fall asleep.

And when I sleep I truly sleep, almost nothing wakes me up. My husband can be causing a racket in the bedroom, if it’s not time for me to wake up, I simply won’t … I can’t.

So that’s my superpower if I had any – the ability to just sleep.  Now if only there’s a demand for my talent and I could make some money off it … …

With that said I’m off to bed 🙂