Weekend in KL

The last time I was in KL … was something like 15, maybe even 18 years ago!!! I’ve never had any great yearning to go back to KL, for some reason I’d rather choose Indonesia or Thailand over Malaysia … in all honesty, I’d rather go to Bintan for a quick weekend getaway. But but but I was duly surprised with KL, it had a pretty efficient train system, which allowed my husband and I to wage a war against taxi drivers who didn’t want to go on the meter πŸ™‚

Vegetarian food was easy to find and I think Buah Duku was in season so I ate my fill of the tasty fruit. The weather was quite gloomy while we were there though. Check out the view from our hotel room:-

The best bit about impromptu trips is that even if the weather is sucky it doesn’t matter. So that’s pretty much it, we just chill, woke up late (too late to even have breakfast at the hotel) and just hung out with each other. KL is alright, it still feels like I’m in Tuas or something … I don’t mean that in a bad way … just that I’m really comfortable in Malaysia i.e. I don’t feel foreign, kinda like I’m still home, just in a bit of home where everything isn’t necessarily in order. And that I kinda enjoyed :p I’m not sure if I’ll be back in KL soon but it has enough to be on my mind the next time I plan for a weekend getaway.

I did enjoy the bus ride though, it was comfy and I slept most of the way too. The thing I like about road trips are the rest stops and here’s one on our way home.

More significant than that, is the fact that this is the first trip my husband and I made together as Mr and Mrs MacLaughlan. No no no, this isn’t our honeymoon (and he better not get any idea that it is) but he pointed out to me while filling out his declaration card that it’s his first time since our numerous travels together that he’s had to put 1 in the box that asks how many family members are travelling with him. Yeah, it’s been over a year and instead of two individuals seeing each other, we’re a family. I can get use to that πŸ™‚

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