Downdown East

My husband and I have a friend who lives all the way in Pasir Ris … actually it’s more like the Loyang area … kinda all the way in the Eastern end of Singapore. Since we live in the Northern part of Singapore, we hardly find ourselves in the East so when we went drop by her place the other night, I was completely appalled with the monstrosity of Downtown East. There we were at the junction waiting for the lights to turn and I was faced with the changing lights of the façade of the building. I couldn’t help myself and had to take pictures … that and it took forever for the traffic lights to change … maybe they want you to be staring at the lights of the building … …

What an architectual don’t? I can see how maybe something like that can work but in the middle of the quiet suburban town of Pasir Ris … it’s like a lunatic clown in the middle of a relax chilled out party by the beach. I wonder what drugs the committee was on when they decided to go for this.

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