Happy National Day!!!

Singapore turns 43 today. It’s the only day in the year that I bring out my red Uniquely Singapore polo T and wear it with pride 🙂 while my sister heads off to Bintan to enjoy the weekend … yes, that means I’m puppysitting again … she’s really lucky Wags, her dog is really cute so my husband and I don’t mind going over to watch her every now and then.

Yep, that’s me in my annual National Day outfit with Wags 🙂 but before we started some serious puppy sitting I was off to Sentosa to catch up with three very sweet guys.

Watch this space coz in about 16 years time, these boys would be the number one boy band in town 🙂 Left to right, we have the emo Lele who will steal your heart with his brooding looks and deep thoughts. Jonah is going to be your sweet boy next door who will sweep you off your feet with his killer smile and of course, we have Rayan whose gorgeous eyes and dimples will make all the girls weak in the knees 😉 For now, this trio is the cutest bunch of boys who makes me think ok, I can be a Mummy to a little boy 🙂

Thanks to great weather, I sat back enjoyed the breeze, the company and basically went trigger happy with my camera. I got some really nice shots of the boys and here’s a couple of when the daddies and mummies had to bring them into the water.

At the end of it though I think the kids had enough of Auntie Carlene and her camera, much like my husband when I’m home and his my only subject :p Jonah’s look pretty much says it all … …

so I packed my camera away and started throwing him in the air before it was time to head home. So before I’m off to more National Day merriment in my red polo T, here’s my warmest wishes to all Singaporeans at home and away, have a Happy National Day and may we always be grateful for all of our blessings!!!

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