Singapore Flyer

When work gets crazy what do you do? Well, I’m not sure what happens in your office but in mine, we decide to check out the Singapore Flyer, which is great for me coz my husband is not one for thrills that involve great heights 😛

The ride takes about half an hour and I think it depends who you’re in the capsule with but the ride felt a little way too short for me. it was fun checking out the different sights, it was a little hazy but still fun to bounce off the capsule with friends who are understand my pain of being stuck in pointless meetings and having to write papers :p With like a camera each, it was like a paparazzi in there ‘cept everyone was a willing celebrity 😉 The pictures will tell a much better story, enjoy … …

It is a little hazy but I reckon still pretty 🙂 So will I recommend the Flyer? Yes, it’s one of those things I reckon you should do once in a lifetime. I was pleasantly surprise how much I enjoyed it. Of course, the company is of utmost importance since there’s no escape once you get on board. Remember to have a few who’d pose like this:-

It definitely makes for a more fun ride and even more fun when you look back at the pics 🙂

2 thoughts on “Singapore Flyer

  1. i’m so glad you finally posted a non-movie post! i saw the titles in my rss reader and was too scared to pop over… hee..

    it looks like a different world.

  2. heehee … stay tune for more non-movie posts 🙂 yah, we should go to the flyer the next time you come back.

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