Red Cliff

John Woo is no Ang Lee but if anyone can do an emotional fight scene, it’s John Woo. There are a couple of classic John Woo moments like the doves … wonder if he’s made a film without any doves? He exchanged the double gun moves with the double sword moves. Surreal soundtrack over intense fight scenes. A John Woo movie made for the American audience … so it’s much more a Face Off rather than A Better Tomorrow, which is my favourite John Woo movie.

I never read the The Romance of the Three Kingdom classic in Chinese but the English very abridge version I read had Zhou Yu as the sort whose mere presence would take your breathe away. Not quite Tony Leung. Actually the casting was all a little off for me, as my movie buddy said, it’s too much of an idol drama. I actually couldn’t agree more and enjoyed Takeshi completely πŸ™‚

All in all, I enjoyed myself and can’t wait for part 2 … … just that … I’m not sure what’s up with me but the whole battle scene was really hard for me to watch. I couldn’t stop feeling all emotional and kept tearing … … I really hope no horses were hurt during the filming πŸ˜›

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