My New Pet

My parents ended their world trip and came back with a new pet for me 🙂 They picked him up in San Francisco, Chinatown where the old Chinese guy told them 2 rules:-

  1. Never give it a bath or get it wet
  2. No matter how much it cries or asks, NEVER EVER feed it after midnight

Too too cute, huh?

3 thoughts on “My New Pet

  1. hmmmm.
    it sounds a little scary. i was afraid of mogwais and gremlins and ET when i was a kid… maybe i’m still traumatized…


  2. errr … am I weird coz I like mogwai, ET and porcelain dolls :p ‘cept gremlins … I don’t like like them but I think they’re funny especially the part when they’re singing Christmas carols 😛

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