Good to be Home but Missing Tokyo (Jules)

Yeah, it’s nice to be home especially since I haven’t been spending much time with my husband. I’m looking forward to the next couple of weekends to chill with him (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that his projects end on schedule and they don’t give him more episodes to write) so it was nice to have a Sunday to clean the house, not do much and enjoy a sunset together.

That picture was taken at like 7:30pm on Sunday … is it just me or are we enjoying slightly longer ‘summer’ days? I do miss Tokyo though. It’s such a surreal city for me, two sides of a coin that’s constantly flipping, is the best way I can make sense of it. In a recent article Tokyo makes its way into the top 10 cities to live in, despite having 134 murders a year. None of the other cities came even remotely close to that. Crime rates aside, there’s an energetic buzz coated with politeness that appeals to my senses. Hey, there’s Tiger Beer in a Vietnamese Restaurant where businessmen in suits enjoy pho by themselves. I’m not sure that happens everywhere in the world.

More than that, I miss Jules. She’s the kind of friend that I can not see for weeks on end and when we meet, it’s like no time has passed. Our philosophies in life are so similar and she continually inspires me with her life choices 🙂 When it comes to friends, I’m real blessed to have a number of them just like Jules 🙂

While Jules and I catch up over msn, emails and our blogs, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to make my way to Tokyo again … and this time for fun 😉