Eating in Tokyo

I can’t leave Tokyo without a post on eating πŸ™‚ Thanks to Jules I had an amazing organic meal as well as cheap and totally yummy sushi. Both in the Shibuya area. I’ve got to get the name of the sushi place but it’s a right after the Hachiko exit, cross a huge intersection, under the freeway and it’s the first sushi place you see on your right. If you’ve walked for over 7minutes, you’ve walked too far.

I love that sushi in the last picture. It’s some pickle and a herb, I can’t find it in Singapore and had my fill at this little hole in the wall in Shibuya πŸ™‚ Jules also brought me to this really nice organic place, Chef V also in the Shibuya are.

It has a nice enough ambience kinda reminds me of a couple of places in Singapore. We sat in the same spot Jules and Maki sat the last time they were there, which is a good sign since they had such a good time. We ordered a couple of starters, ginger ale and a risotto to share.

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