Yakitori and Ring Side Seats

Tonight my colleague (from the ministry that my agency reports to) and I decided to check out Shinjuku. We took a train that took longer than I anticipated and got lost wandering around. Most of the shops were closed but there’s something about Tokyo that makes you able to walk around aimlessly … ok, it’s just me and the effect Tokyo has on me 🙂 While roaming the streets and enjoying a conversation with a new friend, we decided to pop into a tiny little side street place to have a late night snack of yakitori.

I had the veggies, while he had his fill of chicken, beef and pork … all the meat in one sitting. Just when I thought it was going to be an uneventful night, a fight breaks out along the counter we’re sharing with like 6 other men, most aren’t sober. Ok, not a fight fight but it started with yelling, rather loud yelling and one guy squeezing by everyone taunting the other guy to take it outside. I look over to my friend who’s calmly chomping on his Japanese version of satay and I wonder if I’m paranoid thinking we should make like a tree and get out of there. Inspired by his calmness, I take a bite out of my mushroom when the guy outside picks up a chair and threatens to throw it over all of us to hit the other guy AT THE OTHER END OF THE COUNTER.

He only threatened and never threw anything, after a bit more yelling that I didn’t understand, he walked off. Everyone went back to their yakitoris and all I could imagine was the headline in the Straits Time if he had indeed thrown something and hit me and my friend who by the way, were the closest to him and in the line of fire – Singapore Civil Servants Slain in Yakitori Bar Fight in Shinjuku.

Ok ok, I’m a tad dramatic … it was just a chair but hey, in Tokyo, one can never be sure that he isn’t carrying a knife 😛