SQ341 back Home

At 12hours, this flight was a breeze … I mean after getting use to the 17over hours flight to LA, I think I’m pretty much immune to longer flights. Actually, it’s the first trip I made to visit my husband then boyfriend that taught me the true meaning of a long transit Singapore-Taipei-Vancouver-Seattle-Portland.

zurich airport

So 12hours, bahhumbug, I slept for about 7hours, watched Street Kings (Keanu is hot beyond words), 27 Dresses (funny and sweet) and 2 episodes of Pushing Daisies (Can’t wait to get the DVDs to see if the concept can work a whole season). My favourite bit about flying in the day is the skyline πŸ™‚

watching the skyby

It is nice to get away once in while but it’s also nice to be home πŸ™‚

changi airport and the singapore flyer

I had to wait for taxis so I had time to take a pic while standing in line, which is unusual I bet it’s something to do with peak hour surcharges. Even though I do have a couple of complains about Singapore, it’s still good to be home πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “SQ341 back Home

  1. Charity> See you on Saturday!! How’s the new job?

    Zac> You read my blog!!! See you on Sunday!!!

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