Last day in Zürich

Sigh, all good things have to come to an end so it’s my last day in Zürich.  My Mum and I had a simple breakfast and shopped a little, I found a cute pair of shoes from Zara, which I’ll update about on

Then it was back to the hotel where my parents did their final packing before heading to the airport for Frankfurt where they’ll meet my sister for their flight to New York .  This is where I bid them auf wiedersehen  as they continue on their world trip to the US, Korea and China before I catch up with them in 3weeks when they get back home in Singapore.  After  my parents’ cab drove around the corner, I packed my stuff and went to meet my cousin for lunch.  It was yet another lovely summer day  and I was just grateful to have experienced the last 10 days with my parents 🙂  I just hope some day when I become a parent, I do it as well that they have.


In a nutshell, Switzerland is a great place to live in and yah, if I had the chance I’d appreciate it.  Meanwhile, I’ll just take as many opportunities as I can to visit my cousin 🙂  So long Switzerland, till my next visit, take care of Gwen and the mountains 🙂