Lucerne is suppose to be this really touristy place in Switzerland so since my parents and I are tourists, we decided to check it out. I’m very happy to report we weren’t disappointed at all. It’s about an hour train from Zürich, so it’s really easy to get to.

from zurich hb

I strongly recommend doing the whole Lake Lucerne and Mount Pilatus round trip. It takes about 4 hours and costs about CHF60 per person for first class ride on the little boat. It is completely worth it just for the boat ride on the lake. I love anything to do with water so it worked real well for me.

on the ferry

Just sitting there enjoying the sights, feeling the wind through my hair and contemplating the world’s problems with my parents. Then with the sight of the mountain, we decided the next time we come back to Switzerland, we’ll spend a whole week on the lake in Lucerne.

mountains by lake lucerne

It reminds me a lot of Vancouver too. When my husband and I move back there, despite the cold, I reckon I’ll be happy there too. There’s something about the mountains and nature that can really calm me … think it’s the constant reminder that God makes and controls everything … being around man-made structures all the time makes me think I can control it all :p Anywho, after an hour and a half on a boat, we got to the other side of the lake where you get on a little cogwheel train that apparently has the steepest ascend up Mount Pilatus.

waiting for the trainbug on my train windowthe view half way up

When I got there, everywhere you look there were motifs of dragon so I asked the information why?

Me: Excuse me? Why are there dragons everywhere?

Guy across the counter: Because you’re on the mountains of dragons.

Me: Dragons?

Guy across the counter (with a straight face): They’re sleeping.

Me: *blink blink*

Guy across the counter: They wake up at night that’s why the last gondola out of here is at 6pm. (and promptly points to the direction of the gondolas)

So if you decide to go up Mount Pilatus remember the last gondola out of there is at 6pm 🙂 With the threat of the dragons, my parents and I got on the last gondola, which led you to a cable car and a short bus ride back to the train station. All of which was included in the CHF60, a pretty good deal, yah? When we got back to Zurich, my cousin brought us of the traditional Swiss fondue for dinner. Yummy!!!

aldermacaroni and cheesefonduestrawberry tiramisu without eggs

The best thing about the meal was the strawberry tiramisu without eggs 🙂 Completely delicious!!!

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