The Rhinefalls at Schaffhausen

Zürich is one big city so other than shopping and a boat ride on the lake, there’s pretty much nothing to do … kinda like Singapore but but but there’s nature all around that’s close by. So my parents and I decided to check out the largest waterfall in Europe – the Rhinefalls at Schaffausen. It takes about a 45minute train ride to get there.

train to rhinefalls

It was a nice summer day in Switzerland and we weren’t expecting much but were impressed when we got there.


If you ever make it there, remember to check out the restaurant that looks at the falls (there’s only one). I had an amazing risotto and my Dad who isn’t quite into European cuisine loved it too. Best of all it was at a real good price too especially considering the Swiss cost of living. My parents and I just hung out in the area, enjoyed falls and the surrounding nature. Then it was back on the train to meet my cousin for dinner where she took us to the top of Zürich, kinda like their Mount Faber but way higher :p

top of zurich

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