Zürich, Switzerland

My parents and I have now experienced the Italian night train from Florence to Zürich. With 3 adults in a tiny compartment, it was an incredible squeeze but the beds, while we couldn’t sit up straight in them, were actually quite comfortable. Thank goodness it left Florence at 10pm and arrived in Zürich at 8am, so we pretty much slept the whole way there. It was quite fun falling asleep to the rocking of the train, there were some parts when I felt the train climbing up a slope of sorts.

train station in florence

We arrived in Zürich and already felt the difference between the two countries. Unlike Italy, Switzerland was much more organised and cleaner too, kinda like Singapore, not surprising since we’re modeled after them :p Did I mention that roads in Italy have no markings between the lanes? Yes, it was a little crazy driving the Tuscany region. Back to Zürich where it feels a little more like home and the summer weather was really very pleasant, which begs the question, how crazy does it get during winter in Zürich?

walking to the lake

After dropping off our luggages off at the hotel and a quick call to my cousin (the only reason we’re in Zürich), we explored the city. Walked along the main Bahnhofstrasse, had a CHF44 breakfast, soaked in the Swiss culture and found Lake Zürich.

walking tothelake