Giorno Due = Day Two

I met the His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI today. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. I was in a crowd of about 100,000 and he was there too. Again the heat was a little hotter than what my Mum would like but being in St. Peter’s Square has an effect of distracting you from it.

st peter\'s basilica

What amazed me today was St. Peter’s Basilica. So if you come to Rome, dress appropriately and make sure you visit the Basilica, which was surprisingly cool inside despite the intense oven heat outdoors. The minute you step in, your breath is simply taken away.

on the inside

My favourite place was directly under the main dome (cupola). Think this is going to be on my desktop for a while.

from inside

If you ever find your way to the Vatican City, you have to go up the dome (cupola) of the basilica. The view is simply amazing, I thought the view from the the ground looking up was great and when you on the top of the dome looking out, it’s difficult not to stay quiet and just enjoy the beauty of Rome.

from the top