Being sick

It’s been a very long long while since I’ve been sick, with the crazy last week, a slightly more psycho weather than usual, eating badly and extreme air conditioning at the conference, I found myself shivering in bed with a fever late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Thank goodness, I was at my parents who are back before starting their world trip and the best thing about being sick is having Mummy make you porridge 🙂 Still it was sucky and made me realise more than anything that I really don’t like my body being weaker than my mind … hmmm … so I’m inspired to get healthier and try to make sure that this body stays as healthy as it can till the last day 🙂

Meanwhile, needed to get some paper work done before my trip to Italy so as soon as I started feeling better, I’m up and was glad I did 🙂 Here’s a video forwarded from Nis:-

She told a couple of us over dinner the other night and we couldn’t stop laughing … it is a good ad. Enjoy, while I go back to my paper work :p