Animation Boys

Where I work, we’re kinda split up by different categories like TV, Film, Games, Animation, Services, yadda yadda yadda. The Animation team has been boys since it started except for the Deputy Director we all report to and this week in the midst of the insanity at the Singapore Expo, another animation boy decides to pursue his own dreams.

cal, daph and me

So Calvin since today is your last day, here’s a simple wish that you’ll constantly be inspired and one day set up your own Possibility Space studio too 😉 It has been fun having you in BD2 and yes, we’ll miss you especially the antics you’re so surprisingly capable of 🙂

cal, dan and donfarah and shew hengdoreen and calthe girls

Last week, we took him to Secret Recipe in Plaza Sing for a farewell lunch … that’s probably the last time I’ll be there … because they don’t serve water (that and their veggie options were only okay) … I have issue with places that can’t serve tap water … one of my many peeves :p So Bakerzin is out for me too but it was a nice enough place to chat and get a little louder than usual.

bd and cd