One more week …

… and I’ll be in Italy 🙂 I cannot wait. In the meantime, there’s Microsoft Developer Day, Broadcast Asia and CG Overdrive. It’s going to be a busy busy week so it’s a very good thing my MIL and SIL came last week. They’re on their way back to Canada and I think happy to get away from the humidity 🙂 From Sentosa to Orchard Road to the Night Safari, they ate, saw and had fun. The verdict, yes, they do like Singapore to want to come back for another visit but errr … think the weather is just not attractive enough for them to want to live here :p So I reckon once we can climate control our little island, we’ll have everyone wanting to come live here. Till then I’m actually happy with the 4 over million people that I share my home with 😛

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