#16 Trevor Linden

Off and on in the last few years, I heard about him. Recently though, he has been a hot topic of conversation for my husband and so now I have an ice hockey idol 🙂 Yes, I do realise there’s no ice in Singapore and my knowledge of ice hockey is limited to the couple of episodes it was featured in Beverly Hills 90210 when Brandon tried to get his LA friends to play it. Trevor Linden‘s my idol though coz’ more than just an athlete, he’s a guy with a great big heart.

trevor linden

Everything I’ve read, talks about how he is so much more than just a great hockey player. Taking time to spend with children less fortunate than all of us, most of the time outside the spotlight and on his own time. Everyone only has inspirational things to say about him. Even people who played against him. In a game where a penchant for violence seems to be a prerequisite, Trevor Linden never let himself fly off the handle. And to all that he just says that he’s just been lucky to be given an opportunity to do what he does. Talk about trying to be the change in the world. So in my aspiration to do that, Trevor Linden is my new man 🙂

Unfortunately for me, just when I start really learning about him, he goes and retire!! He just officially announced his retirement two days ago and that’s why his been a hot topic with my husband. Although, he never won the Stanley Cup (he came real close to it though in 1994), he had quite the send off during his last game.

Even all of the Vancouver Canucks’ bitter rivals, the Calgary Flames came up to him to say goodbye. A class act, one I’m wondering if us mere mortals can do too. My husband replies me, “Can!” in his having-been-here-for-6-years Singaporean accent too.