Change Update 01 and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

I’ve always (well, most of the time at least) reckon that I’m a pretty nice person who’s not judgemental but now that I’m really taking notice of my thoughts and trying to change … this not judging and trying not to have an ego is a lot tougher than I thought 😛 Car cuts in front of me, I think he’s an idiot and for the record, it’s usually a HE. There, that’s me judging again. So I’m trying with the small stuff first and when I found myself cursing under my breath about the rude driver, I had to take a deep breathe and think maybe he’s in a rush and didn’t see me and and and … maybe I shouldn’t be driving so fast anyway. There that’s the first update.

Meanwhile, the MIL and SIL are in town and today my husband and I took them to one of our favourite places in Singapore, the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. It’s truly one of the places in Singapore that calms me, with the smell and sounds of nature, it’s hard to believe that we have such a quiet spot in our sometimes crazy city.

checking out for birds

The thing I especially like about the reserve is the ‘wildlife’. On my last trip here, I did actually see a crocodile in the river but no sightings today. The monitor lizards never fail to disappoint, the ants here are a little larger than the usual ones we see at home and if you’re really quiet you’ll catch a squirrel or two.

just a signlizardantsquirrel

A simple walk through the reserve is what everyone needs every now and then to recharge from the insane rush of city living.  It’s now even easier to get to with the Kranji Express bus that ploughs from the Kranji MRT station to the main entrance.  If everyday is as cool as today and mozzies had a different diet requirement :p I’d be here a lot more often.

till next time

Oh oh, if you decide to go soon, don’t forget the mangrove boardwalk … it was surprisingly refreshing 🙂