Sun With Moon

Trust the Japanese to name a restaurant Sun with Moon and there’s actually a few branches in Singapore. I don’t even know what that means :p but Monday night after work, I found myself there with an impromptu dinner as my friends and I found an empty night we’re all free to have dinner. This is very unusual when one is a working Mummy, the other is a Mummy of two, the next is (now was) an overworked employee of a big electronic/computer manufacturing company, another runs her own publishing firm and me. So I jumped at the chance to meet my favourite little people after work.

renn, aira, kaitlyn

As cliché as this sounds, now I understand what parents mean when they come home from work and they’re all tired but find themselves rejuvenated when they see the happy faces of their kids. I can’t tell you how much fun I had with them and when they walked hand-in-hand out of the restaurant with me, it was all warm and fuzzy 🙂 The food was alright, not the most veggie friendly place but I love cold chasoba, which they made perfectly. It’s one that can be overcooked easily so I’m always impressed when a restaurant gets it right. So here’s a place that does it to perfection. Other than that, it was the company that made all the difference.

kissing aunty cherrywhere's aunty gerie, aunty shell and aunty carl?how can you not love us?quick kiss for aunty shell

Isn’t it amazing how these kids grow into little beings with opinions and now at 3 and nearly 5, Little Miss K and the Renn-ster are a riot to interact with. Even dear sweet Aira who turns 2 in July is growing to have her own spunky little personality, making friends with a jiejie who was all alone with her Mummy and her friends. Thank you little ones for putting a smile to what would have been just another boring Monday evening.

sticking tongues outperfert picture of them with aunty gerieno talking

We even found a mirror and had fun taking pictures of our reflections and here’s my favourite picture of all of us ‘taking’ a photo of our reflection. I can’t be the only one who think they’re the cutest ever 🙂

say cheese

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