Food #03

Yesterday, I caught up with Nis and Gen … it feels like forever since I last saw Gen who has been cooped up on Pulau Ubin for a shoot. She’s back!!! Not sure if she’ll go back to the little island soon :p So we finally manage to squeeze some time in her schedule to get her out for dinner with us.

Nis and I got to Food#03 first and I instantly felt comfy there, kinda like a place in my head that I would open someday. Gen joined us not too long after we arrived.

the menunisthe placegen

They’ve got a couple of interesting stuff on the menu. We all kinda shared a tempeh burger, a spinach pizza and a laksa pesto pasta (I would have thrown in some sundried tomatoes in that dish). It was all yummy and together with drinks (you have to try the house pour, very yummilicious) it was $47. A good price, good food and great company, I’ll be back here FOR SURE!!!

the soupthe pizzathe burgerthe pasta

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