It’s no secret, my office is moving from the heart of town to some where in the West!!! In the west!! I’ve never been the west of Singapore type of girl but I guess come August, I’m going to have to learn. From being just opposite Clarke Quay, I’m going to be just opposite the AYE in the One North area. I’ve always been a big advocate for change but honestly, I’m not quite sure about this one.

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Here’s a quick preview of the building. Last week, I had to bring some people to check potential office space so I walked around, took some pictures and tried to imagine, rushing through the somewhat tight carpark in the morning and having to wait with heaps of people for the lifts 😛 Overall, it’s a nice enough building but I’ve always been one for cosy homey offices than sleek modern ones. So I will miss being in a building that has been around for about 80years, more than that, I’ll miss being so central with everything we need at our doorstep.