Things to look forward to

Yay!! The overseas guests have all gone home … I never thought last week was going to end but it has and this week is looking like a better one. More than that, my MIL and SIL are coming to town next week, just in time for the Great Singapore Sale too 🙂 I’m quite fortunate in terms of in-laws, they’re really warm people who usually side with me rather than my husband :p One can’t ask for more than that 😉

And even better than family visit is a family holiday 🙂 Yes siree, I’m going to Europe with my parents 🙂 My Daddy is taking my Mummy on a world trip and invited my sister and I along. So we said, YES!!! I’ll be joining them on their Europe portion of the trip and my sister will be joining them in the US. So Rome, Florence and Zurich here I come!!!!! Rather than pack cities into the week, we decided to take a leisurely pace and see Rome and Florence properly … and people ask me why Zurich? Well, my cousin’s been sent there for a year so she gets a visit from us and maybe some sambal balchan too … I wonder if it’ll keep for the 7 days before we see her … … meanwhile, here’s a titbit of my posts from Europe …