Little Part 1 Cafe

On Saturday, I was left to my own devices (my husband is on a different sleep cycle and I had dedicated the day to cleaning my home office) and didn’t want to cook.  So for lunch I decided to try this little cafe that was once an organic vegetarian place then it became a Japanese place and now it’s Little Part 1 Cafe. No longer vegetarian but thankfully for me, there are vegetarian options 🙂 It’s transformed into a simple homely place that has a mishmash of simple-to-whip-up dishes. Kinda reminded me of the little Edgar Allen Poe cafe in Tokyo.

my teathe napkinmy salad

Along a row of shops on Jasmine Road (off Upper Thomson Road), it’s hard to find unless you live around the area. Tuck among a laundromat, a tuition centre of sorts and some other shops that I don’t actually know sell what, this little cafe seems a tad out of place. More importantly, they whip up a mean tofu salad. Good enough to fill me up. That means I’ll be back for sure 🙂

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