Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

You gotta love Harrison Ford, at his age still wanting to jump around like a man half his age 🙂 As I’ve been a big Indy fan, I was sure this was one I was going to catch. So that I did today at The Cathay and my verdict is yah, I like it enough. Just enough. Cate Blachett was a killer as the Russian KGB, her Eastern European accent was brilliant … ok, I’m not the best judge but it seem authentic enough for me.

cate and harrison

I liked her so much that after the movie I was ready to get the same severe haircut. Thanks to Tessycat who reminded me that I’m no Cate Blachett :p So that’s not a cut I’m trying anytime soon. Shia Labeouf was alright, I preferred him in Disturbia. The storyline was a Indy type story except … ok, sort of a spoiler coming up so if you don’t want to know, don’t read on …

harrison and shia

… it took a X-Files turn and became a mix of archeology and science fiction. However, I’m a big, like a huge fan on alien story lines so I wasn’t quite as disappointed as my movie buddies. On the whole though, I was disappointed with the special effects for some strange reason it had an 80’s feel about it i.e. looked kinda fake to me. That or my job is getting to me, all I saw was sets in soundstages and CG artists huddled over their tables. It’s been about 4hours since I left the cinema and sigh, I wish I had more fun with the movie but I just liked it enough … so for most people it’s only good if you have nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon and it’s happening to be showing on TV.