True Blue

In that crazy work week, we had a work dinner at True Blue. A Peranankan restaurant along Armenian Road, kinda next to the new Peranankan Museum, which is in the previous Asian Civilisation Museum. Nothing really wrong with this place but I’m definitely not coming back and the only reason is price. Even if I’m completely wealthy, I won’t pay for condiments like sambal balchan … man, I think it’s a little insane that we have to pay for towels and peanuts at Chinese restaurants but when an establishment charges for sauces, especially fine dining ones, I think it’s a complete rip off. For a regular dinner, it’ll work out to be about $60-80 per head … and that’s without alcohol, not worth it for Peranankan cuisine, especially when nothing needs to be flown in and all the spices can be found at Tekka market.

private room from the door 01private room from door 02private room from door 03

Other than that, the ambience was lovely 🙂 With antiques from the family, it feels like you stepped into a real home of a Bibi. The food cooked by the owner and his Mum was really quite good and with pretty impressive veggie options too. Everything is cooked without pork so our Muslim friends can check it out as well.

Like I said though, the price is way too much for me to ever consider going back but if you’re one of those that just needs to try everything once, make sure you have extra spending that month and at least the food won’t disappoint.

2 thoughts on “True Blue

  1. Ya, my Mum went and said it was too damn expensive! I’ve not been there myself, but then again it’s just crazy to throw such money on food that my mum can cook just as well….if not better *wink*

  2. True Blue is terrible not only for the prices but the horribly bad service!! They keep trying to upsell (which I usually have no big problems with) but not only that, they misrepresented the portions just so you would order more… irritating! As it came to 9:45pm they threw our dessert on the table and grunted that they close promptly at 10pm. Another dessert we ordered was missed out, so they served it at 9:55pm and reminded us they close at 10pm SHARP. Guess what happened at 10pm? The lights went off! And we were not the only guests still there. After all the bad service we were reluctant to pay a single cent more than necessary, so we wanted to return the wet towels (which were 60cents each!) and the crummy manager said, “No return. You can bring it home to use.” That was the limit! We’re never ever ever coming back here again!

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