Jonah turns 1

He was born a day before I got married and he turned one a couple of weeks ago, which also means that I’m no longer a newly-wed :p but this isn’t about me so back to Jonah’s party, it was a fun time to catch up with office folks outside the office and of course, I get to play with the kiddos that came along with the adults πŸ™‚

birthday boy and meex-mda chicks and metess and me

Yes, I do realise the birthday boy wasn’t quite into me … for the record, it wasn’t me, he wanted to go back into the pool, which is what he’s looking at in the photo. It was also a good day to catch up with Winnie and May … is it me or do they look visibly happier now that both of them have left the organisation? Then there’s Tessycat in her new glasses and me. What do you think of her new glasses? I’ll keep my comments to myself before she smacks me … but she knows, glasses or no glasses I adore her dearly πŸ™‚

I even got to hang out with slightly older kids, which doesn’t usually happen since my kid cousins live in Australia and every other kid I know is still in toddler stage. So I was happy to see Mad Shu’s angel of a niece and nephew. Completely polite and so well behaved you’d think they popped out of a story book. Hats off to their parents … and yes, Uncle Mad Shu does well as a guardian too but seriously, if the world had more kids like these two, we’d have a lot less problems.

me and the wards of mad shubaby r

Then there was little baby R who is usually the smiley one full of laughs but that day, he was a little Mr Grumpy Boots. We thought he was just tired, actually us adults don’t really know much coz it turned out he wasn’t feeling well and was hit with a virus that very night. Good news is, he’s recovering well!!! So even though he was feeling a little under the weather that, he still managed to pose for me … too cute to be true, huh? If only Mummy Yus wouldn’t mind me kidnapping him πŸ™‚ Be warned all you parents with cute kids, hang on to them when you see me coming πŸ˜›

mummy daph and jonahthe ice cream cakejonah smiling

So there I was enjoying a simple afternoon, watching mummies chase after their little ones with my camera. You’ve got to love the smile of the birthday boy. He’s a beautiful mix of Daddy and Mummy, always the social one who knows the right way to charm a crowd. My warmest wishes go out to you dear Jonah, that your life be filled with beautiful moments that keep you smiling just like that πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday Little One!!

the lohs

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