That’s not a new word I made up but a new restaurant in Tanglin Mall. This is a real late review, I’m catching up on my updates and here it is, my thoughts on the new place Oomphatico’s. Michele and I were doing the weekly grocery shopping at Brown Rice Paradise when we decided to check this somewhat new place out for snacks. It was in the late afternoon, so it was kinda tea time and quiet. Just how we like it 🙂

view 1

It’s one of those concept places with organic food and vegetarian options, right down having gluten-free or dairy-free ones too. I’m always up for places with vegetarian dishes in their menu but I have to admit the decor was a little much for me. My fake accent kept finding it’s way into our conversation and I was slowly starting to wonder if I was a little too much of a heartlander girl for my fusion dip that came in test tubes together with my chunky wedges.

chunky wedgesteasushi

The other dish so aptly called “Free the Sushi” was quite yummy, it’s basically a sushi not rolled up in seaweed. A rice salad of sorts, I guess. The prices are still reasonable, not cheap but not ridiculously high … yet. Will I go back again? Only with the right company 🙂 If it wasn’t for Michele, to share off each other’s plates and chat about what we really want to be doing, Oomphatico didn’t quite have that oomph for me.

oom 1mich at oomoom2me at oomoom3

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