Of Politics and Politeness … … or just sheer gratitude

Ask most people and they’ll tell you that I’m that annoying chirpy one who tries to see the bright side of everything … in the last couple of weeks, that was a tad tough to do and that’s when I started this post about the politics of working in a large organisation (which incidentally gets worse when things get busy around the office) and the latest season of Survivor, which is not unlike my days in the office except in my so called real life, there isn’t a million dollars and it’s mostly due to petty insecurities. Sure, I was complaining about wasting time on having to properly word polite emails so that they don’t get misconstrued and how it’s all good practice for Survivor if I ever get a chance to play it. After all Mark Burnett Production Asia is starting out in Singapore.

Then I get distracted with the craziness at work, the post was put on hold, Mother Nature helps put my life in perspective and I’m reminded why I choose everyday to be that annoyingly chirpy one.

For one, I don’t live in Myanmar or Sichuan.

Yet behind that chirpy facade, which can even be annoying to me in times like these, I can’t help but get weak in the knees when I follow the news about either tragedies. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families. Words fail me as I try and understand but nothing pisses me off most than publications taking advantage of the situation to make a quick buck.

It is completely disrespectful to put photos of the victims on the front page.


Seems timely that this reflection happens as I usher in Vesak Day … for me, tomorrow morning the sun will be shining and I’m fortunate, so very fortunate to be able to be chirpy.

4 thoughts on “Of Politics and Politeness … … or just sheer gratitude

  1. Well I’ll second that. I think the reason pple choose to spend their time with you (that includes me) is that you are chirpy! OK, in the morning before my coffee can be a bit much for me to take, I admit.

    But hey there’re enough grumps around looking at the neg side of things all the time, we don’t need another one!

  2. I’m always grateful for your chirpiness (though I prefer to call it positivity). Makes my world better to live in.

  3. Thanks guys πŸ™‚ kekeke … I was having one of those days when my little miss grumpy boots side was having a trying time with my little miss sunshine side :p It’s all good, little miss grumpy boots has gone back into her little dark corner … she’ll be back when work gets crazy again πŸ˜‰

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