Iron Man

I wasn’t much of an Iron Man fan before but I’ve always been a Robert Downey Jr. one. I’ve loved him since his Chances Are and romantic comedy days. So he’s successfully turned me into an Iron Man fan, which was a fun enough movie and as the first instalment of a Marvel franchise, it was truly not bad. Just enough story to hold in the non-comic audience interest and all the right amounts of kick ass design and action to suck the fan boys right in. Yes, I’m sure my Dad will enjoy this one.

robert downey jr

For me, it was the casting that made the 2D egoistic businessman turn superhero work. I can’t gush enough about Robert Downey Jr. but I also have to give credit to the Design team coz’ I don’t remember Iron Man looking this sexy.

iron man

Granted it wasn’t like this amazing difficult role for Robert Downey Jr. to pull off. He truly wasn’t expected to be stretching any acting abilities but he made Iron Man fun to watch. The script worked well enough with the backstory and motivation on how Iron Man came about, culminating to the big fight with his mentor turn nemesis in downtown LA. Set in the modern world we live in today, audiences will be able to relate to the global issues that plague us and the fine line into fantasy the make going to the movies worthwhile. Nothing deep, just plain ‘ole good commercial fun 🙂

Jon Favreau did a very decent directorial job for his somewhat first big big movie. I was impressed that as a comic book fan himself, he managed to bring it all to life. My first exposure to him was from my Uni days, watching the movie, Swingers where he wrote and starred in with Vince Vaughn. Together they’ve done a number of things and hang out with the likes of Ben Affleck, Kevin Smith and the rest, which kinda reminds me of a couple of my guys friends. Guys with the same interest, making (or at least trying to) the things that they’d like to consume. Maybe one day I’ll be watching a movie they worked on too. Anyway, my favourite bit was Jon Favreau’s cameo as Tony Stark’s chauffeur, Hogan. Not bad as a director but he definitely nailed the chauffeur role 🙂

jon as happy hogan

So in my humble opinion, it’s a summer blockbuster that should be enjoyed on big screen.

2 thoughts on “Iron Man

  1. I have to say I wondered what Gwyneth Paltrow was doing in that movie. Needed fast cash?

    Did you stay right till after the credits where they had a short scene with Samuel L. Jackson? Most people missed it coz the credits were so damn long… haha.

  2. That’s what happens when the director is a good friend 🙂 Yep, I sat till the end and I’m not sure about the casting of Samuel L. Jackson but I’m excited to see who’s going to play Captain America 🙂

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