Happy Birthday Baby K

I’m in denial. I know, I know, at 3 she’s no longer a baby but I like to think she is 🙂 I remember buying her first present, a book when she was still in my good friend, Gerie’s tummy. Now she’s 3!! It’s amazingly fast how these little ones grow. I guess it’s especially fast for me coz I see her every other month or so. Her actual birthday is today but her party was about a week early as they had the usual Cheng getaway. This Hello Kitty themed party started right from the invites, which came while I was in LA.

the spread

The food was reminiscent of party food we grew up on fishball, french fries, sausages, bee hoon, mee goreng but with the added 21st century kick of a beef stew and brown rice salad. Everything was home cooked and yummilicious, Gerie even made the birthday cupcakes.

the birthday cupcakes

I’m impressed too. Here’s a pic of Kaitlyn blowing out her candles and one with her two favourite people in the world 🙂

blowing out candlesthe chengs

And here’s my favourite picture of Mummy and daughter.

mummy gerie and 3 year old kaitlyn

My favourite part of the party was the non-violent pinata. Kids take their turn to come up, choose a string and tug real hard. Much better than whacking it with all your strength, I say 🙂

pinata 1aira and the pinatathe tug that did it all

the loot is free

My next favourite part was trying to get a picture with all the kids. They ranged from about 6 months old to 8 years old, so it was quite a task.


good job

It took a while and a couple of attempts but given their attention span, I say they’ve done well 🙂 Kaitlyn wasn’t the only one celebrating her party, the day of the party was Auntie Claire’s birthday too.

auntie claire's turn

claire and her angels

Of course, we couldn’t forget Auntie Cherry’s birthday. Though it was a week late by the day of the party, she had her own birthday cupcake too 🙂 Happy Birthday Auntie Cherry and Aunty Claire!!!

auntie cherry's turn

I think every adult at the party came with a little people, everyone except Cherry, Shell and me. So even though we were big grown ups, we were the only grown ups with our own goody bags 🙂 I can deal with that 🙂 Thanks Kaitlyn, have a beautiful birthday and may your days be filled with dreams coming true!!!

more hello kittygoody baghello kitty agar agar