Over The Recent Weekend

I have to find some time to clear my study at home, between holidays, work trips and hanging out with family and friends, clearing my study has taken a back seat :p I’ll get to it soon though … it’s getting hard to see the floor :p Work’s been busy, we’ve got a couple of overseas guests coming in May and with the Cannes Film Festival around the corner, resources are scarce, that’s why my posts have been less frequent.

This is a little late but over the recent weekend, I managed convince my friends to check out the Green Room Cafe in Bishan Park 2. They pretty much enjoyed themselves and could see themselves going again.

green room cafegreen room cafe

With a new meat eating joint, Canopy and a revamped outdoor area, the Green Room Cafe looks like a really nice place to start hanging out in ‘cept it’s tough for people who don’t live in the North.


That’s why for everyone else except Zack, they needed a little bit of help with directions. Even their taxi drivers didn’t know where Bishan Park 2 is. Well, for the uninitiated, it’s an entrance into Bishan Park from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 (it’s between Avenue 8 and 6). If you see the sign for Amsara Spa, you have the right entrance.

After a healthy yet hearty dinner, we proceeded into town for drinks. We were planning for good ‘ole E5 but we couldn’t get a seat outside so we headed to Que Pasa.

que pasa

Not sure whether it’s leftover jet lag or just the fact that I woke up early but I was real sleepy. Maybe it was the camomile tea I had, which strangely came in a teapot with no top. They had to improvise with a coaster. I wasn’t sure about the hygiene factor of doing that but like I said I was sleepy already :p

teapot with no top

Well, with one of us living in Jakarta and the rest of us with different work travel schedule, it’s tough to get all 5 of us together. So I enjoyed just chilling and listening to my friends chit-chatting … good times 🙂

reshhmzac and chele

P/S: Happy Labour Day everyone!!!  I should be cleaning my study but I’m not :p The ills of procrastination.

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