Quaint Japanese Coffee Places

I always thought the Japanese were more a tea drinking culture rather than a coffee one. I guess I was wrong, they sure do drink a lot of tea but I’ve learnt that they do drink coffee and quite a bit too. Probably too weak for the regular Singaporean coffee drinker, which means it’s perfect for a coffee softie like me. So I thoroughly enjoyed the quaint little places we stopped at for our regular breaks but my favourite is this little one that is apparently dedicated to Edgar Allen Poe, Coffee Ranpo, that’s coz the Japanese refer to him as Edogawa Ranpo.  Although that refers to the name of a Japanese author who was seriously into Edgar Allan Poe and had changed his name to sounds like his favourite author.  Yah, whatever, it’s still a homey little place to stop and charge up.

jules and me in coffee ranpo

A little hole in the wall type place with its own cat that rules the roost. Yes, Tessycat would feel completely at home 🙂  We wrote in their little journal for customers, maybe some other Singaporean will chance on this place and read what we were thinking about that day. I’ve forgotten already :p

drinks afte a long walkjules and me again

Anyway, that’s what I also loved about Tokyo. Despite the crazy hype energy that consumes you, there are little Mum-and-Pop spots like this one that makes you feel completely at home in a foreign land.

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