Eating in Tokyo – Part Two

This holiday worked really well for me coz I got up early nearly every morning, had breakfast with Jules before planning a full day ahead of activities. So for breakfast, when you say coffee and toast, you don’t necessarily think of the Japanese but man, do they make a fine cheese toast and the creamiest strawberry coffee ever. Better yet, it was in a little cafe called Precious Coffee Moments, which was about a 5min walk from the Naka-Meguro station.

cheese toastcoffee

Cheesey toast … yummers πŸ™‚ This breakfast was so good, I had it twice too πŸ™‚ Except the second day, I had regular coffee with soy milk, which was as good as the one with strawberries. Mind you, this was actually strawberries and not just strawberry flavoured milk. I actually bit into pieces of strawberries while drinking my coffee. Speaking of strawberries, on the recommendation of yet another Nippon-phile, Shooshools I bought a punnet of strawberries on Easter morning and while waiting for Erv by the giant spider in Roponggi, I was happily munching away.

japanese strawberries

They are indeed as good as they look and cost me only S$2.80. Who says everything in Tokyo is expensive? By day04, I’m quickly learning that cost of living like most other things in life is all relative and with a set chicken rice costing about S$6 in Singapore, we aren’t that far off from Tokyo.

I digress, back to the area around Naka-Meguro station, across from the little cafe where we had breakfast, is a soba place, which I swear is a real Japanese restaurant.

sobayasai tempura

The menu had no pictures :p so thank goodness for Jules who knows the language and she ordered what I reckon is the best soba I’ve eaten … complete with yummy yasai tempura … heavenly … …

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