Eating in Tokyo – Part One

From snacks to meals to desserts, Tokyo truly is the place to be. I always thought Singapore was the place to try all kinds of food but the last week has taught me that the when it comes to food, the Japanese are about as adventurous as us, Singaporeans. In Tokyo, you can find Singaporean restaurants, Turkish, Mexican, French for sure and really good macrobiotic cuisine. Except for the last one, I really didn’t try any other cuisine in Japan, I figured while in Tokyo, I should just eat what the Japanese created 🙂 So in Day01, after dropping off my stuff at Jules’ place we headed off to Harajuku for lunch.

by jules' place

That’s us walking out of her place, she stays around the corner, down the street behind us. I came to Tokyo with a list of vegetarian places to try out and one of them was Brown Rice Cafe, which turned out to be so yummy we had to bring Erv and Maki back there again on Day04 of my Tokyo adventures. Jules and I had the set lunch, a different one so we could pick off each other’s main. It comes with this aromatic mix of black sesame seeds, salt, seaweed and pepper that you put in with your brown rice. So yummilicious I’m going to try and make it at home.

brown rice philosophythe set

It tasted as good as it looked … ok ok, I can hear my Dad rolling over with laughter but I’m a vegetarian, so raw veggies look good to me :p More divine than the meal was their organic coffee, smooth and with soy milk it was to die for 🙂 With that first meal, I was ready to rock and roll in Tokyo 🙂 Who said eating vegetarian in Tokyo is tough? Even a simple purchase all by myself san Jules or Erv to translate for me, at a food hall in Tokyu turned out easier than I thought 😉 I was trying to figure out if the inari was vegetarian:-

Me: sumimasen, eigo de daijyoubu desu ka? = Excuse me, do you speak English?
(looking earnestly at the auntie behind the counter and in the Japanese that Jules and Erv taught me the day before)

Auntie behind the counter smiles (actually she giggled a little) and shakes her head.

I look at my box of inari and at her.

Auntie behind the counter: Yasai = vegetables
(while she doesn’t speak English, she definitely reads minds)

Me: Yasai?

Auntie behind the counter nods and I’m happy to report it was pretty amazing inari from a regular food hall no less. It had bamboo shoots and mushroom in it, the first I’ve ever had with an inari 🙂

Even a simple shio ramen with cabbage, spring onion and bean sprouts is good enough to shout home about. Here’s supper from Day01:-

ramen for supper

If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you how much of a noodle freak I am. I can eat noodles everyday, all day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I was a happy camper in Tokyo, a very happy camper 🙂

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