Canon IXUS 80IS

I caved and went with Robin’s recommendation at Cathay Photo, where I’ve now bought my fourth camera from. I was going to get the exact same one as I had misplaced but for another $50 more, the Canon IXUS 80IS had the improvements to the only 2 complaints I had with the Canon IXUS 70. It came in a bunch of different colours too but I stuck to sliver, everything else made it look like I was carrying a toy camera 😛

canon ixus 80is

The look of the camera isn’t quite as sleek but the images are just as good as. So I can be declared happy again and in time to catch the sakuras blooming in Tokyo too 🙂 I cannot wait!!! Meanwhile, here’s a couple of random shots I’ve taken with my new toy.

my view from my desk

The view when I look up from my desk. Yes, that is the map of Singapore.

on the way home

On the way home and waiting in traffic.

my view from my bedroom window

After 4 years, they’re still trying to complete the MRT station in front of my flat … …

the next morning

The next morning and I can officially say this is a little nifty camera too 🙂

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