The Spiderwick Chronicles

Enough moping about my lost camera, on a happier note, after the dinner we went to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles to celebrate Zacky’s birthday. A bunch of 30 somethings competed with a cinema full of kids and I’m happy to report we enjoyed ourselves πŸ™‚ It’s not one I’d recommend all my friends who don’t have kids but if you have a penchant for fantasy, it’s a real fun one to watch.

movie poster

The little boy who played both the twin brothers, Jared and Simon was a real cutey who did a better job than the chick who had to play his older sister. The story is not unlike any other children’s fantasy tale where the world of fantasy and imagination is as real as homework and nagging parents.

Mummy Grace packs her little Grace-lets after leaving their father in NY and move into the Spiderwick estate, home of her Granduncle. Like any good old adventure, the kids don’t have to go to school and have all the time in the world to fight goblins and play with brownies. Despite knowing where you’ll end up in this movie but the trip is still just as fun πŸ™‚


For those with kids and on a budget, wait for the DVD, it’ll be just as good and if you’re not into fantasy, you can at least busy yourself as your kids are sucked into the movie. For the rest of you, unless you have nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon, wait for it to come to a TV channel near you.