House (the social benefits) and my Canon IXUS 70

Yesterday, I found myself at Dempsey Hill again. This time it was House, we’ve been there a couple of other times, even tried out their spa. Dinner at Barracks went well enough, caught up and even took some nice photos except in our hurry to go catch our movie, I left my camera on the table … … and when I called them … nope, none of the wait staff who cleared my table saw the camera 😦 Was I expecting otherwise? Yes, part of me was … so much for a place that promotes being socially responsible … … we know who’s not going there any more … …


So I am not happy, not at all but who else do I have to blame but myself 😦 I just hope my little wonder trusty camera serves you-who-took-it as well as it did me.

Meanwhile, let me ponder on some of the great shots this little camera took for me:-

waiting for michele in bali
waiting for michele in bali
my valentine's rose 2008
my valentine’s rose 2008
on the way to the pool in bintan
in bintan on the way to the pool
little india revisited
little india revisited
ladybug in korea
ladybug friend in korea
santa fe at dusk
santa fe at dusk
good times
good times at ps

Now I just hope someone somewhere out there still carries stock of the Canon IXUS 70. And forgive me while I mope in the corner for a bit … …

2 thoughts on “House (the social benefits) and my Canon IXUS 70

  1. What do u mean serve someone else as well?????!!!! You nutty chae! A non-fatal but seriously painful accident to befall the person who stole it! May the person take dirty photos of themselves, then have the camera stolen and gets the stuff uploaded on the Net! AND AND… may the person never ever take good pictures. May the pics always be over-exposed and out of focus! OR take really good pictures of the evil, gruesome nether world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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