It doesn’t matter where, just with whom

Over the weekend, some of my oldest friends and I caught up at Australian chain, Jones The Grocer at Dempsey Hill for tea-nner/t-inner. Made me feel like I was back in Perth πŸ™‚ The food was good and if the price was a little better, I would have declared it very good. So yes, it was expensive. About $250 for 7 adults and about 2 and half kids who snacked off us. Each had like a main and tea/coffee with a cheese platter to share … no one had any wine either. So unless you’re feeling particularly rich, I can recommend other slightly cheaper places where you can even get an organic meal.

The company made it all worth while though πŸ™‚ I love hanging out with people you completely trust and know you can say anything without having to worry how you look :p Yah, they put up with all my antics and nonsense. A round of applause for them, please πŸ™‚

the lims
shell & cherrythe geralds

More than that, with them come the little people I love to bits!!!

kaitlyn, renn and me

Auntie Carl’s hand was a little shaky with this picture, there’s more to come so don’t worry. Price aside, Jones The Grocer is a nice place for kids because unlike other places which try to squish as much as possible into one retail place, everything here is comfortably spread apart with wide alleys for kids to run amok.

auntie shell teaching about pastakaitlyn looking around

Of course, they have heaps of nice looking candies and cookies that catch every little kids’ eye. I was tempted to get me some of the candies too but I’m on a lose-festivities-weight regime so I left without any :p

rennster and me

That’s me with little Renn as we’re sharing our wedges, which was good except they cost $6 for about one big potato worth. Yah, you’re slowly getting the idea how expensive it is. For those out there wondering where’s little Aira, she was snoozing and woke up when we were about finish, just in time to run around the store with her Korkor and Cheachea Kaitlyn.

mummy claire and baby aira

If you think little Aira is a dead ringer for her Mummy wait till you see her and her Grandma. So yes, despite the price, Jones the Grocer is a nice place for us 30somethings with little kids to hang out.

I might bring everyone to Bishan the next time, to check out the Green Room Cafe … ‘cept it vegetarian … not sure what the men will think about it.

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