It’s Oscar fever time and this year it happened on my birthday … US time that is, so if I was living in the US I would have had an Oscar theme party but since I don’t, I was catching bits of it, in the office on the 25th of February, a Monday morning that clearly should have been spent at home.

And I didn’t win the office Oscar pool again.

Note to self: pick what I reckon the Academy would want to win and not what I want to win.

All in all I much prefer this year’s winners to last year’s, my only beef is sound mixing and editing. I’m trying to figure out if good sound editing and mixing is:-

  1. so realistic you don’t notice it
  2. so convincing that you believe transforming robots exist

where the former refers to the Bourne Ultimatum and the latter Transformers. If you can’t tell by now, I was gunning for Transformers but I do recognise it is much tougher to do the former rather than the latter. Oh well … I’ll remember my note for next year’s Oscars … …

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