Little Boys Rock too

I’m not sure about all little boys but this little boy in my post does rock for sure. I’m not usually in Singapore during the Christmas season so I’ve missed out on all of his birthday parties. Except his baby shower which doesn’t technically count since he was still in his Mummy’s tummy. So this year (technically last year now), it was a great treat for me to be able to be at his party which is always a hit with both adults and kids. I mean who doesn’t love a colourful party with great food and even greater company.


With a Daddy who’s one of Singapore promising Creative Directors, you can always expect a party with style. This year’s theme was colours so I walked into their house with balloons floating in the air and a cheese platter I couldn’t resist. More than that, you have got to love his birthday cake.

The cake

It’s his favourite cake and his uber cool parents thought it’d fit well with the theme. What surprised everyone was how heavy one slab of the ole’ time favourite layer cake weighed, it took both his Daddy and Mummy to carry it to the dining table. So all in all it was a lovely party for a lovely little boy. You have to meet him to know how sweet he can be. Polite and kind, he’s what I hope my little boy would be, that is if I had one :p His Mummy and Daddy are doing such a fine job with him and they are the kind of parents I wish more people are like. Like another dear friend once said to me, all parents need to know is to love your child not like he or she is your property to do whatever you like with but an angel loaned from God to treasure. I always liked that thought 🙂

Smiling for the cameraWith GodmaCutting the cake

And with a Godma (center pic) like that, how wrong can a little boy turn out 🙂 At the end of the party, everyone got goodie bag, yes, even the adults … needless to say I was a happy camper and even better than that your very own polaroid with the birthday boy and his darling sister, to take home.

My polaroid

So my dear little Renn, hope you enjoyed your day … can’t wait for you next birthday party!!

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